Asbestos removal garage - Garage Demolition


Before you remove or destroy your garage, you need to consider some important things: Asbestos can be very dangerous. Before you replace the old garage, you need to check it out and possibly hire a professional team to remove your garage when it is in your garage. , If you want to make it yourself, you need to consider some important rules to make sure.

First, remove something that is insignificant from the area to reduce the impact of asbestos. Cover all that is left, including surfaces that are not removed. You do not want asbestos dust hidden on your surfaces if you can help her. You should also wear protective clothing.

Protective clothing includes one-way coveralls or hood gowns to minimize contact with the skin by asbestos, a disposable face mask made of paper and gloves, rubber or disposable material. Leather gloves do not necessarily protect you from dust. When finished, dispose of them with asbestos wastes.

Moisten the area. Do not absorb the working area completely, otherwise, it becomes more difficult to clean. However, you should use a hose or sprayer for the installation to maintain a damp area so that the dust does not rise as much as possible. Remove asbestos without breaking to keep dust.

Wrap the removed asbestos into a polyethene coating or pouch and seal it with tape to avoid asbestos. This stuff is really dangerous, and you do not want to let it lie where it can hurt people. To do this, you must go as far as you can to your work area and remove additional dirt. Clean all open surfaces with a damp cloth and discard the cloth with the rest of your waste.

Once the work is done, wash your hands and face. In any case, you can take a shower, think about the hard work you have just done, but you must at least get rid of them and get away.

How to dispose of asbestos waste? If you own a house that intends to dispose of your asbestos waste, you need no permission to hand it over to your car. To get the cleanliness of your car, spray the cement with water, double or pack asbestos with high load polyethene and secure it with tape and keep it away from all passengers on the vehicle.

Asbestos is a danger, and it can not be taken lightly. Take additional precautions to ensure that you are not contaminated, B. Brush your boots during the day and disassemble in a wet, night-time night to keep the asbestos damp, and dust is rising. They do not want to release asbestos fibres into the air.

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